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Bumbu Bali Restaurant, was voted by the readers of the Miele Guide as one of the
five best restaurants in Indonesia in their 2009-2010 edition. Recognized as the leading Balinese Restaurant on Bali, and the recipient of numerous awards, Bumbu Bali Restaurant invites you on to a journey to discover the many culinary treasures our island paradise has to offer.

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Bumbu Bali : Bali Restaurant Nusa Dua

The extravagant beauty and delights of Bali also extends to its much-celebrated local cuisine. Discovering the tropical island paradise also requires the exploration of its traditional cooking by treating yourself to such delicacies as slow-roasted chickens and ducks in banana leaves; superbly fresh grilled seafood; tantalizing sates; soups from banana stems, green papayas and mushrooms; a large selection of vegetarian dishes; and an ever changing selection of Balinese cakes; black rice pudding; not forgetting the daily changing selection of tropical fruits found at the local markets. This are just some of the delectable creations, certain to even please the palates of Bali’s fabled Gods, that await the gastronomically curious visitor to our beloved Indonesian island.

The Creation of Bumbu Bali, the Balinese Restaurant

Bali’s first authentic Balinese restaurant was created following the principals used in designing a traditional Balinese home compound. On the menu you will not find Balinese food commonly served in hotels and tourist restaurants, as it is our aim to serve Balinese food the way you find it prepared in Balinese homes or during traditional ceremonies. We take you on a journey into the culinary delights our island paradise has to offer.
Countless trips into villages, homes and temples, together with an endless drive in researching deeper into the food culture of Bali have resulted in several highly acclaimed publications by Heinz von Holzen the Godfather of Bumbu Bali. In “The Food of Bali”, “Bali Unveiled: The Secrets of Balinese Cuisine”, “Feast of Flavors from the Balinese Kitchen”, and the soon to be released “Street food of Bali” one will discover most of the secret dishes and delights served on our menu.
Recognized by locals and visitors alike as the leading Balinese Restaurant in Bali, and the many awards received since opening the small door in 1997, together with the incorporation of every day Balinese life into a harmonious surrounding will ensure a most memorable and authentic dining experience.

The Creation of Bumbu Bali, the Balinese Restaurant

To promote the food of Bali further we offer interested visitors to participate in our very popular cooking program. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we take participants to the local markets where we purchase many of the produces for the day’s class. After a hearty Balinese Breakfast we will spend a most informative morning in a specially designed kitchen preparing and grinding a minimum of 25 recipes.
Classes are limited to 14 participants, this to give everyone a chance to receive personal attention in the step-by-step preparation of the dishes. No effort has been spared in creating a place of discovery, friendliness and comfort. It is our aim not only to share with you the best dishes of Bali, put to also let you into the many secrets of a true Balinese home.
We look forward to your visit, which we hope will be the first of many to follow.
Heinz and the team of Bumbu Bali
foods menu of Bumbubali Balinesse Restaurant. bumbu bali restaurant beverages and desserts.

cooking class at bumbu bali restaurant.

Balifoods Restaurant and turtle

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